Faith (faithlesslayer) wrote in daily_whisperer,

Character Updates

So let's take a little peek at our characters and see what they're up to...

It seems like Angel and Buffy can't shake those dreams. The ones where Angel dies and Buffy gets her heart ripped out. Darla seems to play a part in those dreams as well. Hope those pesky things aren't prophetic, cause it doesn't look good for our heroine.

Drusilla seems to be busy stalking a certain little wolf girl. The voices in her head must be telling her to do it. She's also busy playing with the "toys" that Spike brings her.

The ghost of Riley came to Wesley in Mexico, and told him that he needed to go help Cordelia. Seems like Cords is having a little meltdown, after the evil that she's been doing and the untimely death of her boyfriend. So Wesley just up and left Faith in Mexico with a sombrero. (A sombrero, come on Wes!)
Faith's wondering around Mexico by herself, after mugging some Mexican guy she found herself a new place to stay.

Wesley caught up with Cordelia, before she did some serious damage to herself. Just have to stay tuned to see where that goes..

Darla and Angelus seem to still be busy with the maiming and killing. Although Darla is in cahoots with Faith to kill Angel.

Oz won his trial. They got him to plead insanity and it apparently seemed to convince the jury. Willow supported him through the ordeal, and it seems like the two are a happy couple once again.

Spike has kidnapped Hope, thinking that she is Faith. After a few torture sessions Hope apparently has just started letting him believe she is Faith.

Ethan helped Ariel with the wounds she received from the initiative. Of course she has no idea that Ethan was the one who cast the spell that left her unable to control the Kangir demon or werewolf inside of her.

When Veruca isn't busy with Vinny, she's been taking care of Faith's "pet mouse" Amy. Even though Amy's still a rat, it's starting to look like the begiinning of a flirtation maybe? Hmm...

Xander seems to be having difficulty controlling his new ability. Hope Ethan and Giles can straighten him out.

That's all for now. Stay tuned to see what happens next...
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