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Character Update

Please bear with us here at the daily_whisperer as we get ourself up and running

Buffy had a run in with Vampire Xander, and now thinks Xander is indeed a vampire. As she has not seen the real Xander yet. However, our little slayer was unable to stake him.

In happy news, Amy is deratted thanks to Ethan and Xander!

Faith and Wes are back in Sunnydale. They came back to save Veruca, who'd been kidnapped/tortured by the wicked Drusilla. Of course, Dru managed to escape the pointy end of a stake again.

Wesley has returned to the initiative. However, they are a little unhappy with him after he shot and killed one of their own in Mexico. He is under armed guard currently, just have to stay tuned to see how that one plays out..

In other happy news Hope has finally been rescued! While out and about Faith ran into a very confused Spike and managed to injure him enough to steal Hope away from him. Of course, Spike has also made Hope completely insane now, not to mention tattoing 'Property of Spike' on the back of her neck.

Cordelia seems to be doing better, well a lot less insane anyways. Riley's necklace seems to be helping her in some way.

Scary new villains in town? Adam and Eve have busted out of the initiative. They were built by the initiative as killing machines. However, Eve was to be terminated as she was deemed defective for showing too many human emotions.

Darla, Faith and Angelus are still very much with the wanting to kill Angel. Darla has sent Faith to spy on Angel and learn his daily routines.

It looks as though Veruca and Vinny are parting ways. Someone really should tell that girl that Amy's not a rat anymore.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for what happens next...
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